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     news 2019  glenalla Tippi  is the youngest one we have now 15 months old,her and her 2 littermates sweep and ben all doing very well in training bred from glenalla raven and Ricky Hutchinson supreme winner jock   news 2018.. feb we had an open at totterbank judges Bobby Dalziel and Hilda Cleary  al got 2nd place with rap ;  update  we are delighted that one of our weekly training handlers won first place,  fantastic sarah and indy ,,  al ran rap at whitbeck open  4TH PLACE  JAN ,4TH PLACE AGAIN MILLOM OPEN 4th place jan whitbeck open   all high marks ,well done !       NEWS UPDATE, Glenalla BRAD  ,21ST OCT  2017,    OPEN trial for shirley cropper ! NEWS 3/4/16  FROM  belguim    handler wiet  and her youngster  Glenalla Dale ,won overall nursery winner ,congratulations to them both, NEWS. TWO .OPEN trials  this weekend 2/4/16 saw Glenalla Raven get 4th place [3 MORE NATIONAL POINTS ] and her mum Tess got the 6th place , then tess got a 4th place in the next open trial that day ,   NICE TO SEE SIBLINGS ALL COMPETE AT SAME TRIAL LAST WEEK,  GLENALLA BRAD,GLENALLA BILLY AND GLENALLA RAVEN, ALL UNDER 2 YEARS OLD .               RAVEN TH AT WHITEHAVEN NURSERY 19TH MARCH,2016,       TESS  GOT   4 TH PLACE AT THE OPEN LAST WEEK  JUDGE K CROPPER ,NEWS     MORE NEWS       at 22 months old GLENALLA   RAVEN  gained her first national point by being placed 6th  in the open PENRITH, trial last week ,from 71 dogs..!   very pleased,  JUDGE ROBIN DEAN ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


   NEW  more updates glenalla Tippi has been amazing  she was fully broke before she was 12 months old   has been to a couple of nursery trials she is fast sharp and a good listener we have high hopes for her in this years nurseries  NEWS ...    Young dogs are training well and compeating in trials .    , glenalla Raven ... 1st and   5x 6th  and  3rd and 4th places nurserys and at her open at penrith 6th place from 71 dogs running,!    Glenalla brad  lots of good places in nurserys and a 4th in his first open with shirley cropper  , .. glenalla Dale  two nurserys and a 3rd and a 4th  place already in netherlands handler  wiet von drogon.  . O                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   GLENALLA OLD  OLD  NEWS    GLENALLA" OTTO" 5TH PLACE  ,NURSERY WITH ROB MOORE , glenalla flynn 2nd at the windermere nursey 56 dogs ,!glenalla otto 4th at the romney marsh nursery with rob moore  13 november 2012 , ,  13th oct 2012   thanet  , championship  glenalla yogi 1st place well done andy ,   glenalla yogi 1st place with a jackman ,  18th june , wolf and dylan davies - 5th place at the open  beddgelert  north wales ,                                                                                                                       27th may, news, yogi 2nd in the open at  wessex                                                                                    news update ,  may 20th - appledore open, andy jackman and glenalla yogi 3rd place today   ,     and 2nd  place today   6th  may    2012  , open trial ,,hopefully he will make it into this years english national now ,  2012 well done to handler andy jackman  ,  Glenalla  yogi  at the 2012 english national.


MOSS  doing well in trials for Candy Kennedy USA. Moss  our nursery dog. He was bought from us and we sent him over  to candy   MOSS HAS BRED SOME VERY GOOD PUPS FOR CANDY ,                                                       . photo by candy kennedy   -


3 GOOD OPEN PLACES SO FAR THIS YEAR WITH THIS HANDSOME BOY 2018  1st 2nd and 3rd and lots of places


 news 2018 /19 teaching bessie   to herd the birds, trials, bess  2nd place trawden open  and 1st place crosthwaite opens

full trained dog for sale

 rough coat fully  trained open class dog for sale  details soon make really good farm dog  good gather outrun recall ect  tel for more info 


one pup might be for sale  rap x bess    ready jan 2020